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International Development Program (IDP) - Mama NaMwana

This project was initiated by the St John International Office and is running in five countries that are, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is about preventing the death of mothers and babies from preventable causes during pregnancy, delivery or within a few days after delivery. In Zimbabwe, this is being done in Mt Hampden in Zvimba and we are working with the Ministry of Health and Child Care. This project took off in 2015. An outreach clinic has also started where we visit the various communities in Mt Hampden. 

Outreach Clinic

Each year more than 200,000 women and 1 million newborn babies die from maternal health and new born complications in Sub-Saharan Africa. Infections and diseases like pneumonia, malaria or diarrhoea are the main causes, together with premature and low-weight birth, lack of hygiene or of a safe place during labour and delivery. The simple fact is that most of these deaths can be prevented by easy, available and cost effective solutions, as long as pregnant women and new mothers with infants get the right health care at the right time. and this is what we are doing by proving the mother and father with information at our Outreach clinics. We are conducting our outreach clinic in Mt Hampden at the moment but looking to expand to other areas.

Mother Shelter

We have managed to built a Mother Shelter in Mt Hampden to cater for pregnant women who come from places far away from the clinic. The Shelter enables them to come and wait for their time for child birth which decreases home births.

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